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How much is your time worth again??

This is a classic! So I’m sitting at the keyboard, it’s after 5pm and I’m just now remembering about a part I need for a home computer case. It’s nothing special, just an extra switch for resetting the system. I go to the place where I bought the power switch (Danger Den for what it’s worth) and say to myself, “Hey! That’s <some dollar amount> and I bet ya I can find it cheaper if I search for it real quick!” About two hours have just gone by…that’s right, I said 2 hours! Long story short, after having realized I’ve spent a ton of time searching on Mouser, Digikey and Newark for a switch I hope is similar to what I’ve already got, I finally realize I’ve spent more time searching down my quarry then what ever difference in savings I could have had. Oh don’t worry, I finally found the exact switch and guess what, the price was within $1 dollar. Yep. Let that sink in for a minute.


Man, I’ve got to get better at this!


NOTE: If I did buy them in bulk, say 1,000 switches, I could have saved $3 bucks a switch! Ha! Vindication is mine!

And so it begins…

Well, I’ve finally started my blog. This shall prove interesting! I’m hoping to document my projects and post photos when I’m out and about. Major changes are coming as I adjust my themes & plugins.

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