This is a classic! So I’m sitting at the keyboard, it’s after 5pm and I’m just now remembering about a part I need for a home computer case. It’s nothing special, just an extra switch for resetting the system. I go to the place where I bought the power switch (Danger Den for what it’s worth) and say to myself, “Hey! That’s <some dollar amount> and I bet ya I can find it cheaper if I search for it real quick!” About two hours have just gone by…that’s right, I said 2 hours! Long story short, after having realized I’ve spent a ton of time searching on Mouser, Digikey and Newark for a switch I hope is similar to what I’ve already got, I finally realize I’ve spent more time searching down my quarry then what ever difference in savings I could have had. Oh don’t worry, I finally found the exact switch and guess what, the price was within $1 dollar. Yep. Let that sink in for a minute.


Man, I’ve got to get better at this!


NOTE: If I did buy them in bulk, say 1,000 switches, I could have saved $3 bucks a switch! Ha! Vindication is mine!